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Xingjia Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. lies at Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, China Non-Ferrous Metal Hometown. The company leads and promotes the development and advancement of the feed trace element industry by relying on the developed metallurgical resources, technology and talent advantage of Hunan province, integrating its own experience in feed additive sector for years with the understanding of the development tide and the powerful R&D strength, researching new products, continuously improving products, developing testing technique, preparing the national standards and successively holding the international forums of trace element.

The trace element does not only satisfy the basic nutrition demand of animal but plays a functional role in the immune performance, reproductive performance, growth performance and anti-stress of animal. To deal with the low absorption, unstable quality, excessive residue of heavy metals and harmful/toxic matters and the inadequate functional effects, Xinjia Bio-Engineering is engaged to the research and promotion of new type, high efficient, safe and environment-friendly trace element since its establishment. In addition to the continuous development of new products, the company continuously makes the study of the formulation technology of trace element, carries out the research of the scientific dosage and ideal adding mode between various elements and furnishes general solution of trace element for feed enterprises.

By far the company has promoted 3 product series - new inorganic trace element represented by basic copper chloride and basic zinc chloride, organic trace element cored by amino acid chelate series, and compound trace element, participated in the preparation of national standards for various trace element such as amino acid chelate, basic copper chloride and basic zinc chloride and owned and applied for more than 20 national patents. With years of cultivation, Xingjia Bio-Engineering has become the specialized high-tech enterprise of trace element feed additive with highest technical element and most diversified products in China and other countries.

We will furnish the customized service based on the actual conditions and features of your company and show our respects to your independence and flexibility.

It is our pleasure to become your friend and helper to advocate the safe, environment-friendly feed philosophy and convert such philosophy to powerful productivity and vitality.

Our platform, our service and out philosophy represent Xingjia Bio-Engineering’s global strategic vision: specialized, professional and focused animal feed trace element specialist and market leader.

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